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Do you make products that are good for people and good for the planet?
Finally feel good about the ads on your site!
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Your health-focused readers will find products and services they love, and love you both for it.


If your company makes healthful food, fitness products, natural beauty or green living products, you need to be part of Healthy Ads.

We know you’re looking for the best return on your advertising spend. Healthy Ads delivers a highly targeted audience focused on healthy diet and lifestyle issues, including food, cooking, fitness, and sustainability.

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Our Audience

Mostly Women

Approximately 75% of our visitors are female (and about half of them have kids). America

About 3/4 of our readers are in the U.S. (New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago top the list.) The next 10% are from Canada, and then the United Kingdom and Australia.

...with Brains

Two-thirds of our audience has a college or graduate degree.

...and Buying Power

More than half our readers are aged 25 to 44.

Our Ads

Premium Placement

Our publishers place your ad in high-performing positions, such as in-content, meaning your ad is where people are actually looking!

Fits Your Budget

Our cost-per-impression (CPM) campaigns can work within your specific demographic and geographic goals, budget, and timeline.

All the Bells & Whistles

We can geo-target your audience, target desktop or mobile visitors, limit to specific verticals (such as vegan or gluten-free), serve flash and expandables, and much more.


If you’re a healthy cooking, healthy food, or healthy living blogger who’s worked with other advertising networks, you’ve probably been frustrated.

You work so hard to deliver the health-focused content your readers want – recipes, advice, product reviews, exercise tips, and motivation.

And then you see it: An ad for processed food, soda, or other unhealthy stuff on your blog. Right next to your latest post!


See, the job of typical ad networks is to put their sponsors’ ads in front of eyeballs. Lots of eyeballs. Which means their standards for publishers are pretty loose. They need the eyeballs in their network.

At the same time, ad networks need to sell enough ads to fill up all those pages. Which means they can’t always afford to be discriminating about the kinds of companies they work with.

Healthy Ads is different. We’re looking out for you and your readers. We know your readers are committed to a healthy lifestyle. They don’t want to see ads for junk food. And neither do you.

Our standards are high. We believe in quality over quantity, and only accept ads from companies who truly “walk the talk” – companies whose products and services we know you’ll be proud to showcase on your website.

We believe that ads, when done right, will elevate your blog.

About Your Site
Putting Health First
Your site focuses on health through food and/or health through fitness.
You've Earned Respect
You’ve developed a loyal readership, and are seen as a health authority.
You're A Rock
You’ve been blogging for at least a year, and publish new, high-quality posts regularly.


Hi, I’m Andrew Wilder. I founded Healthy Ads because of my personal experience as a healthy food blogger.

I started Eating Rules in 2010 to share my passion for healthy eating and clean living. It grew quickly and I loved (and still love) creating recipes and talking about healthy living choices with my audience.

But when it came to making money with advertising on my blog, I got frustrated pretty quickly.

None of the existing advertising networks offered me a good way to filter the ads that would show up on my blog. The last thing I wanted was an ad for processed or junk food on my site – talk about a credibility killer!

We’ve built our network around a set of stringent standards for both publishers and advertisers.

At the same time, I met ethical companies that made natural foods and other healthy living products who were equally frustrated. They wanted their ads to reach a targeted audience committed to eating well, living responsibly, and taking care of our planet. The big ad networks delivered audiences that had the quantity they were looking for – but not the quality.

That’s how Healthy Ads was born. We’ve built our network around a set of stringent standards for both publishers and advertisers. When a publisher applies to be part of Healthy Ads, we review his or her website in detail before accepting. And we vet our advertisers just as carefully.

I’m proud to be connecting companies I love and believe in with healthy living influencers and their readers. If you’d like to be part of Healthy Ads or have questions, please contact us – I look forward to hearing from you.


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